International Women’s Day: feminist voices to change the world

08/03/2022 |

By Capire

Video brings messages from women who mobilize the feminist movement in their territories and regions around the world

On this March 8, International Women’s Day of Struggle, Capire gathered messages from activists from different organizations and parts of the world in an inspiring video. Ruba Odeh, Jodie Evans, Siti Inayah, Zakithi Sibandze, Sophy Ngalapi, Adjoba Marthe and sisters from the World March of Women in the Ivory Coast spoke about the urgency of a feminism that goes against the system, capable of confronting war, violence and exploitation, and point new paths based on equality and freedom.

Ruba Odeh, from the World March of Women in Palestine, denounces that “Imperialism in the region supports and protects the authoritarian patriarchal system, to prevent any opportunity to build independent, strong and progressive states.” Jodie Evans, from the USA, an activist with Code Pink, called for women to unite against militarism and poverty. The sisters from the WMW in the Ivory Coast state that women’s rights are a fundamental fight all around the world and call on all to remain strong in the struggle. Zakithi Sibandze, from the Swaziland Rural Women’s Assembly, defends the creation of public policies that are attentive to the reality and work carried out by women. Siti Inayah, from Via Campesina in Indonesia, stated peasant and grassroots feminism is a tool to face the control of transnational companies in rural areas and defend peasant women. Finally, Sophy Ngalapi from the WMW in Tanzania and Adjoba Marthe from the WMW in the Ivory Coast call to celebrate and support the struggles of grassroots and marginalized women this March 8.

We will rebel and organize our ranks. Let’s unite together as revolutionary women, against imperialism and injustice. Let us say no to oppression and discrimination, and yes to justice and equality.

Ruba Odeh

The International Women’s Day of Struggle is a historic date of rebellion. Women from all over the world take to the streets to demand a different world, based on feminism, anti-capitalism and anti-racism. In 2021, we published a collaborative online gallery with photos of demonstrations and activities that happened on that date. See it!  

Video by Bianca Pessoa, writing by Helena Zelic

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