Women From Haiti Facing New Imperialist Interference

25/04/2024 |


Islanda Micherline addresses the challenges facing Haitian peasant women and their strategies for self-determination and people’s sovereignty

The Haitian people is once again facing imperialist interference in their fate. The island in the Caribbean is experiencing growing violence and systematic violations, control over territories by armed groups, repression, and subjection of the people’s interests to transnational capital. Living conditions in urban and rural areas are becoming dramatically worse. The access to food and the circulation of peasant production has been deeply affected. This is precisely why they are at the center of the popular peasant feminist resistance.

Amid this situation, the UN, which has been historically responsible for military interventions that have led to increasingly profound social and political problems, is once again working in line with US imperialism. On the video below, Islanda Micherline, of La Via Campesina Haiti, denounces the role of countries in the Global North that, through the UN Core Group for Haiti, have been operating the new attempt to intervene in the country.

In rural and urban areas, Islanda argues, Haitian women propose economic strategies for this transition, in the sense of building agroecology, solidarity economy, and food sovereignty, goals that can only be achieved through the peoples’ self-determination and a people’s government. From across the Americas, women continue to stand in internationalist, anti-imperialist solidarity for a dignified, sovereign Haiti free from occupation.

Intro by Tica Moreno
Translated from Portuguese by Aline Scátola

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