About us

Feminist Voices to Change the World!

Capire is a media tool created in 2021 to echo the voices of women in movement, to publicize the struggles and organizational processes from different territories, and to strengthen local and international references of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, grassroots feminism. 

Capire means “to understand.” Through the eyes and voices of women, we understand the world. With feminism, we change it! The name Capire evokes the theme song written for the launch of the World March of Women in the year 2000, which women from different countries across the globe sing in 24 languages.

We produce and bring together interviews, analyses, experiences, and cultural expressions by women from all corners of the world who resist and promote change.

Capire’s written and multimedia materials are organized into six pillar themes: movement, feminist economy, environmental justice, food sovereignty, demilitarization, and autonomy. These pillars guide the radical element of our political struggle, our content, and visual identity. 


Communication is part of politics, and reflection is part of action.

Capire is a feminist people’s media portal that fosters a militant point of view and accessible language.

Feminist and people’s communication is an intrinsically collective process, with a strategy of convergence, set in the dispute over senses and hegemony. 

Communication is a commons that is built continuously. Capire supports free technologies and all its content is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which means it can be used for free, as long as the source is cited.

All our content is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Capire’s practices and horizons are based on language justice.

Capire is an initiative coordinated by the World March of Women, in dialogue with women of ally movements, such as La Via Campesina and Friends of the Earth International, and organizations that are part of the Strengthening Grassroots Feminisms project.

The World March of Women is a feminist and anti-capitalist movement, organized in 58 countries and territories, coordinated by an International Committee and the International Secretariat, currently based in Turkey.

The Capire team is Bianca Pessoa, Dânica Machado, Helena Zelic, and Tica Moreno. Natália Blanco and Nalu Faria are our support team. Aline Scátola, Andréia Manfrin Alves, and Luiza Mançano are our translation team. Capire is made possible with the continuing contribution of women in movement from around the world.