Let Cuba Live!: Watch Video of Solidarity With the Cuban People

24/09/2023 |


Feminist militants from Cuba and Latin America speak about the relevance of the island for the struggle on the continent

Since January 1st, 1959, the Cuban people has been resisting imperialism on a daily basis, advocating for and building socialism and the continuity of the revolution. Attacks on Cuba’s sovereignty take different forms—militarized, economic, cultural—, and the US embargo is the most protracted of these attacks. Right now, an international platform is calling for a denouncement and solidarity campaign called “Let Cuba Live!” The campaign aims to collect one million signatures to take Cuba off the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

This list is yet another expression of US imperialism and terrorism ruling over insurgent peoples of the global South. “Cuba should only be on the list of countries that help other countries,” Elpidia Moreno, of the World March of Women Cuba, correctly states on the video below. To claim Cuba is terrorist is to deny its history working for integration and solidarity with other peoples and its struggle for rights. The video features four Cuban sisters speaking about building feminism in Cuba, with the women tasked to further the revolution, and the importance of Cuban solidarity to build unity between the peoples.

We are a country that does not give what is left—we are a country that offers the world what we have, whether in health care, scientific exchange, education, or sports, and this makes us bigger and bigger.

Mayumi León

The video also features sisters from Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, and Quebec, who express their solidarity with Cuban women and address the importance of Cuba as a beacon for the struggles in their countries.

Our Cuban sisters teach us every day that they also re-exist with other forms of being and doing, related to feminist economy, and face a capitalist and patriarchal system that does not put life first.

Laura Cano

The signatures are being collected in on-site activities and also through the website. The organizations calling for the campaign include ALBA Movements, the International People’s Assembly, the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, the São Paulo Forum, the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, the World March of Women, the Network of Continental Solidarity Latin America and Caribbean United for Cuba, and La Via Campesina.

Words by Helena Zelic
Video edited by Bianca Pessoa
Footage by Natália Blanco
Translated from Portuguese by Aline Scátola

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