Call for Feminist Posters in Solidarity With Palestinian Women

22/02/2024 |

By Capire

Women and gender-dissident people can submit their posters before February 29th

This is a joint call by the Capire portal, the International Peoples’ Assembly, ALBA Movements, and Utopix for feminist posters in solidarity with Palestinian women and the Palestinian struggle. We invite women and gender-dissident people, artists, activists, and suppoerts to join us and express feminist solidarity with the women who sustain life and the struggle in Palestine.

We believe that solidarity is a powerful tool in the struggle for liberation. This is why our organizations denounce the violence, the occupation of lands, the encroachment of nature, and genocide that have been tormenting the Palestinian people for decades. The Palestinian cause for self-determination and freedom is key to grassroots struggles around the world. Out on the streets and across social media around the world, there is growing mobilization for Free Palestine and the immediate end of the genocide that has killed 25,000 people since October 2023.

Nearly 70 percent of the victims of Israeli attacks in Gaza are women and children, according to the Health Ministry of Gaza. We see imperialist media outlets using dehumanization as a strategy to validate the Israeli occupation. Conversely, grassroots media and organizations are continuously mobilizing, demanding an immediate ceasefire, that Israel is held accountable for its war crimes, and the end of the occupation, acknowledging Palestinian sovereignty and self-determination.

Palestinian women have been for decades facing violence, criminalization, and the exploitation of their bodies as weapons of war. Nevertheless, they have always been at the forefront of the resistance on the ground, standing up for life and freedom for their people, their land, and culture. Their historical strength is an example for grassroots and internationalist feminist struggle.

We invite everyone to share their artwork to reinforce our public support to the struggle of our Palestinian sisters. Posters must be A4 size, minimum resolution 300 pixels, and submitted in JPG or PNG format through the form below, where you can find all technical requirements.

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