A Flag in the Sand: Sahrawi Women Building Sovereignty

17/02/2023 |

By Capire

Video depicts the everyday lives and stories of women who live in Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria

On February 18th, women from around the world stand in solidarity with Sahrawi women. The people of Western Sahara have been struggling for self-determination for nearly half a century. And women are part of this ongoing, relentless struggle. In 1975, they faced the brutal occupation of their territory by Morocco and, since then, they have been building, through everyday work, the conditions of possibility of life and struggle in every region where they live.

The World March of Women and the Capire portal are deeply committed to Sahrawi women’s struggle for independence and self-determination over their territory. More than a statement, this commitment must be realized by rendering this struggle visible, pressuring our countries to acknowledge the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and work for the end of the Moroccan occupation.

What are the stories of these women who have been forced out of their homeland and have been resisting ever since? What are the experiences and expectations of those who were born as refugees? Aiming to echo these women’s voices, Capire co-produced the video “A Flag in the Sand: Sahrawi Women Building Sovereignty” with the World March of Women and the National Union of Sahrawi Women (Unión Nacional de Mujeres Saharauis—UNMS). The video features four women who share their stories and call us to engage in active solidarity.

This video is a tool to show the struggle of Sahrawi women everywhere where we organize and expand the continuous mobilization for the independence of the Sahrawi people. “A Flag in the Sand: Sahrawi Women Building Sovereignty” is available with Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French subtitles. Click on the icon on the right bottom corner of the screen to turn on the subtitles in your preferred language.

Introduction by Tica Moreno, edited by Helenza Zelic
Translated from Portuguese by Aline Scátola

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