Poster Gallery for the Right to Abortion

04/08/2022 |

By Capire and People’s Forum

Check out the virtual gallery produced in a Capire-People’s Forum partnership

Green handkerchiefs, posters and artwork on walls, drums, and slogans against the patriarchy, for freedom and autonomy. These are some of the expressions of women’s struggles for the right to abortion around the world. The situation of women who have an abortion is different in different places: some countries have legalized it and implemented public policies for safe and free abortion; some countries have legalized abortion in specific cases; and others ban it completely and, consequently, criminalize women. In many places, women who have an abortion and women who support them face silence, risk, and lawlessness. For this reason, the feminist movement wages this struggle on several levels, both to stop legal setbacks and demand advances to make abortion a right, because it is fundamental for us to have autonomy over our lives, our bodies, and sexualities.

Capire, the International Peoples’ Assembly, and the People’s Forum called feminist artists to express themselves for the right to abortion with pieces that reflect women’s struggle for autonomy over their bodies, from the realities of different parts of the world. The posters submitted became this exhibition, available below and hosted at the People’s Forum building, in New York City. Forty artists from the United States, Canada, Brazil, North Macedonia, Belgium, Angola, Chile, Cuba, and Venezuela are featured.

The opening of the on-site exhibition took place on July 31st, 2022, when organizers, artists, students, and young people from New York City came together for a full day of activities that centered around the struggle for abortion. Under the banner of “Free, safe, legal abortions now! Justice is ours to make!” it was created a space for learning, dialogue, celebration and healing with events like a panel discussion, a workshop on community organizing strategies, an open mic, a screen-printing activity, and a movie screening and discussion. Through the art exhibition, we were able to hear from voices across the U.S. and the world and feel the inspiration needed to continue the struggle for liberation and dignity.

Check out all posters below! Click on the slides to expand them and read their captions or go to the mosaic to have an overview of all posters.

Captions translated by Aline Scátola

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