Poster Gallery in Solidarity With Palestinian Women

07/03/2024 |

By Capire

For the immediate end of the genocide, we published 44 posters from 17 countries defending the lives and territory of Palestinian women

March 8th is International Women’s Struggle Day. This year, 2024, we recall the internationalist meaning of this date by expressing women’s struggle for the end of the ongoing genocide in Palestine. For more than a century, every year we mobilize on this day to push forward the feminist struggle in the streets, networks, and fields, to build a new world without racism, patriarchy, poverty, hunger, war, and colonialism. Around the world, women build—by many hands—the concrete alternatives to build this world of peace that we want, with no violence, with food sovereignty, and an economy centered around the sustainability of life.

Women’s freedom can only be possible with the self-determination of the peoples. Until Palestine is free, no woman will really be free.

On this March 8th, 2024, we join the voices of women and gender-dissident people from across the globe who come together in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Capire, with ALBA Movements, the International Peoples’ Assembly (IPA), and the Utopix collective, launched an international call for posters in solidarity with Palestinian women. This gallery is the result of this call, which shows how art can strengthen internationalist solidarity and alliances.

There are 44 posters from 17 countries from all regions of the world: Poland, India, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Italy, Colombia, China, Porto Rico, Spanish State, Guatemala, Phillipines, and Tunisia. They show how women are the primary victims of the capitalist crisis and the ongoing genocide. But they are also spearheading the union and struggle against imperialism.

Since 1947, and more deeply since October 2023, we have been witnessing a genocide. Driven by vile economic interests, the countries of the global North support the military assault by the colonialist army of Israel on Gaza and West Bank—or they choose to be silent in face of the massacre, which also means being complicit.

The military attacks have resulted in more than 30,000 deaths. Data from the Gaza Health Ministry show that at least 25,000 of these victims are women and children. In face of the genocidal expansion of Israel through war, Palestinians around the world, activists with social movements, feminists, anti-imperialist and anti-racist advocates demand an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the acknowledgment of Palestinian sovereignty, and a solution for the people who have seen their families and entire cities being bombed before their eyes.

The Palestinian struggle continues, as it is the foundation of what it means to be Palestinian. As the Palestinian activist Yasmeen El-Hasan told us in May 2023, “it’s one home, we are one people, and that is what guides our struggle. We are indigenous to this land. That means we are its caretakers.” Abeer Abu Khdeir, of the World March of Women, underscores the direct relationship of the Palestinian people with their land by arguing that “we have the right to fight all over the world, because our land is occupied.” “It’s not Israeli land. It’s our land,” she said. Leila Khaled is also an example of Palestinian resistance as she says, “they are afraid because the Palestinians are bound to hope, to implement their dreams by struggling.”

Around the world, we radicalize our hope in the struggle for the right of the Palestinian people to their territory and self-determination. We will continue to march until Palestine is free!

Check out all the posters below! Click on the slides to see them with their full captions. Visit the Utopix website to download the posters.

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