Check Out the Virtual Gallery “Artists for Food Sovereignty,” by La Via Campesina

22/07/2022 |

By Capire

22 artists from across the world depict the struggles for Food Sovereignty in 30 years of La Via Campesina

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of La Via Campesina, an international organization fighting for rural workers’ rights, a virtual gallery was launched featuring works by artists from across the world representing the struggle for Food Sovereignty. The gallery “Artists for Food Sovereignty” includes illustrations, songs and music videos, theater performances on video, podcasts, and poems depicting, through art, the diversity of political actors that represent the peasant struggle around the world. The exhibition shows the solidarity, activism, and commitment of 22 artists from 22 countries. The works were selected and curated after an international call for works launched by La Via Campesina in 2021.

The gallery features works representing the struggles for and reflections on food sovereignty, grassroots agrarian reform, peasant agroecology, native seeds, and women’s contributions, expressing the diversity of the movement. The themes are broken down to help build awareness on each of the pillars that comprehend the struggle for Food Sovereignty. Viviana Rojas, of La Via Campesina and one of the organizers of the gallery, said that, for the organization, art is one of the people’s ways to tell the world that they want something different. “Reasserting our roots and principles and pointing to an ethics and a perspective for the future, through hoping. In this spirit, with this gallery launched for our 30th anniversary as a movement, we want to present these other possible narratives, other meanings we are building and nurturing as organized peoples, showing our diversity, our culture, and our horizon of struggles with songs, pictures, and great creativity,” she adds.

Check out the gallery in English, Spanish, and French.

Words by Bianca Pessoa
Translated from Portuguese by Aline Scátola

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